Interactive Football was designed to ensure that all athletes remain safe, while enabling them to develop and sharpen their fundamental skills and techniques. As you see here, we have two products, our vests and our jerseys. Each has unique threads strategically placed on the shoulders and back, which is where football players are taught to target during game play. We no longer want our athletes to have to compromise their athletic abilities or fundamental integrity to perform. In tackle football, the technique taught to properly tackle is to wrap. In our equipment, with the tech being placed on the shoulders and back, athletes that play Interactive Football learn the head up, eyes forward, palms open technique that easily transfers to the wrapping technique taught to athletes playing tackle football on the high school, collegiate and professional level. Our jerseys are great for 7 on 7 football, as well as for practice on the days that athletes aren’t allowed to tackle in practice. Our vests are great for schools who would like to incorporate football back into their physical education program. It’s fun, it’s fundamental, but most importantly, it’s safe!


Seamlessly incorporates comfort, durability, and embedded smart sensor technology to provide athletes with a fun and interactive football gaming experience. The light weight and flexible design allows the athlete to focus on the game and not on the equipment.


Designed for league play where each player owns their own jersey. The Jersey like the vest is available in a variety of colors. The Jersey incorporates special breathable fabric for maximum flexibility and comfort.


Our smart technology makes the complex simple by communicating football information wirelessly in real-time from the gloves to the players vest module.


The Smart Football contains embedded technology to enable smart wireless communications between the football, gloves, and vests in real-time.


The embedded patented dual touch sensor technology ensures the integrity of the game is maintained by accurately communicating game data between the football, glove, and jersey in real time.

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